In the News: Top 5 Stocks to Invest In This 2017

The year 2017 is an interesting one for the stock market. For one, a lot of changes are happening or is already going on. The Trump presidency is just one of these changes. Around the world, other significant changes are happening. As a result, the stock market is at an exciting stage, especially if you take into consideration the bullish performance of the US dollar. So while things are still hot and interesting, it is advisable to distribute your investments well.

Here are five stocks that are poised to make a good show this year. Facts gathered here are according to and

Five Stocks That Will Make A Difference in 2017

1. Facebook

Why is Facebook on this list? Because Facebook is the face of the Internet. It may not be the end-all and be-all of the Internet world, but it has a strong influence over those who use the World Wide Web. Its number of users is not poised to decrease anytime soon. In fact, it will continue to increase. And since digital marketing is such a hit nowadays, Facebook will continue to be a powerful tool for marketing. In addition to this, acquiring WhatsUpp was a good move because it now has a better way of doing Facebook marketing.

2. Visa

Again, this has something to do with the way digital marketing is shaping today’s society. Like Facebook, Visa is performing strongly in its field. When you need to complete a digital transaction, you look for Visa. Despite the fact that a lot of competition in this field has cropped up, Visa continues to have a firm grip on the market and is considered the most popular choice. One of the major changes in Visa transactions all over the world is the ability to use mobile payment solutions for transactions. Since Visa’s market performance is going up, its stock performance is also bound to shoot up.

3. Braskem

Braskem is the leading chemical manufacturer in Brazil. Although it experienced quite a lot of challenges in 2016, it is still one of the best stock options for 2017. This is because its profits continue to grown despite the previously mentioned challenges and even if Brazil experienced recession. In addition to this, Braskem’s goals and initiatives are nothing to laugh at. One of its projects intends to convert sugarcane ethanol to polyethylene, which has a higher value.

4. Total SA

This French oil company is recognized as the one of the world’s largest. Before the decrease in oil prices some years ago, it is still a good stock option for 2017 primarily because of the improvements in the global market. Total SA’s revenues went down in 2016, but this year promises to be a better one as oil prices continue to rise. Another reason why you should consider purchasing Total SA stocks is the way management handles its decisions and how it keeps its eyes on its goals and visions. With its contributions to renewable chemical manufacturing, there is no reason why it will not perform well this year.

5. Amazon

When it comes to retail, especially online retail, there is nothing closer to perfection than Amazon. With the many developments in technology, e-commerce continues to increase its dominating power. More and more people are going online to purchase items, including everyday necessities. This is what makes Amazon a compelling choice. It is considered one of the first in virtual retail and has remained a strong force in the industry. In addition to this, Amazon is not afraid to take risks, the way it did when it ventured into cloud computing and instant video streaming. So, yes, you have every reason to invest in Amazon.

These are just five of the best stock options for 2017. As the months go by, you’ll see more bullish performances. For starters, however, any of these choices will do you a lot of good.