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3 Easy Ways to Repair Your Credit

Worried about your bad credit? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Every year, thousands of Americans face the challenge of finding the best way to boost your credit score. So you’re not the only one carrying the burden of a bad credit. However, this does not mean you should celebrate and be happy because you still have to fix your bad credit. You will want to put your credit score back in good shape if you are planning to get a loan, buy a house, or purchase your first car. But how can this be done? Try the DIY guide at crediful.com or use these three simple ways you can follow.

1. The first thing you need to determine and find out is the major contributing factor to your bad credit.

Was it your credit card usage? Or do your late payments have something to do with your score? Or perhaps the way you manage your credit accounts contributed to the drop in your credit rating? There are a lot of reasons why you obtained bad credit, but the common factor for it is the way you handle your finances. If you can’t control your spending and keep on using your credit cards, your credit list will increase. If you are not able to pay your dues on time, this will pile up, and your credit rating will be affected. It’s all right to keep using your credit cards as long as you know your payment responsibilities, too.

2. Pay off your debts.

Now that you have identified the major culprits, you have to work on clearing your debts. You won’t be able to pay it off in one month; that’s completely impossible! So you’ll have to pay it slow but steady. Schedule a payment reminder so that you won’t forget what to do every time payday comes. This will help keep you on the right track until, eventually, all your debts will be erased.

3. Practice discipline in your spending.

You may have cleared and paid off your debts, but if you do not change your spending attitude, there is a big possibility that you will go back to your old ways. Therefore, it is important to learn to discipline yourself when it comes to spending. If you have several credit cards, choose only the ones that are essential to you. Leave only one or two credit cards. Also, right after paying off all your debts, refrain from making any credit card purchases first. Let it rest for awhile.

In the News: Top 5 Stocks to Invest In This 2017

The year 2017 is an interesting one for the stock market. For one, a lot of changes are happening or is already going on. The Trump presidency is just one of these changes. Around the world, other significant changes are happening. As a result, the stock market is at an exciting stage, especially if you take into consideration the bullish performance of the US dollar. So while things are still hot and interesting, it is advisable to distribute your investments well.

Here are five stocks that are poised to make a good show this year. Facts gathered here are according to techcrunch.com and forbes.com.

Five Stocks That Will Make A Difference in 2017

1. Facebook

Why is Facebook on this list? Because Facebook is the face of the Internet. It may not be the end-all and be-all of the Internet world, but it has a strong influence over those who use the World Wide Web. Its number of users is not poised to decrease anytime soon. In fact, it will continue to increase. And since digital marketing is such a hit nowadays, Facebook will continue to be a powerful tool for marketing. In addition to this, acquiring WhatsUpp was a good move because it now has a better way of doing Facebook marketing.

2. Visa

Again, this has something to do with the way digital marketing is shaping today’s society. Like Facebook, Visa is performing strongly in its field. When you need to complete a digital transaction, you look for Visa. Despite the fact that a lot of competition in this field has cropped up, Visa continues to have a firm grip on the market and is considered the most popular choice. One of the major changes in Visa transactions all over the world is the ability to use mobile payment solutions for transactions. Since Visa’s market performance is going up, its stock performance is also bound to shoot up.

3. Braskem

Braskem is the leading chemical manufacturer in Brazil. Although it experienced quite a lot of challenges in 2016, it is still one of the best stock options for 2017. This is because its profits continue to grown despite the previously mentioned challenges and even if Brazil experienced recession. In addition to this, Braskem’s goals and initiatives are nothing to laugh at. One of its projects intends to convert sugarcane ethanol to polyethylene, which has a higher value.

4. Total SA

This French oil company is recognized as the one of the world’s largest. Before the decrease in oil prices some years ago, it is still a good stock option for 2017 primarily because of the improvements in the global market. Total SA’s revenues went down in 2016, but this year promises to be a better one as oil prices continue to rise. Another reason why you should consider purchasing Total SA stocks is the way management handles its decisions and how it keeps its eyes on its goals and visions. With its contributions to renewable chemical manufacturing, there is no reason why it will not perform well this year.

5. Amazon

When it comes to retail, especially online retail, there is nothing closer to perfection than Amazon. With the many developments in technology, e-commerce continues to increase its dominating power. More and more people are going online to purchase items, including everyday necessities. This is what makes Amazon a compelling choice. It is considered one of the first in virtual retail and has remained a strong force in the industry. In addition to this, Amazon is not afraid to take risks, the way it did when it ventured into cloud computing and instant video streaming. So, yes, you have every reason to invest in Amazon.

These are just five of the best stock options for 2017. As the months go by, you’ll see more bullish performances. For starters, however, any of these choices will do you a lot of good.


Are You or Your Finances Ready to Build a Home? Here Are 3 Signs to Watch Out For

Anybody would want to own a home. Anyone would want to have a house and lot under his/her name. It’s not easy, but if you’ve been planning for it for quite some time, it should not be that difficult anymore, right? Then again, it’s important to make sure that you are ready to build and own a home. If you have no idea how this should be done, here are some tips that might help point out the signs you need to watch out for.

1. You are debt-free.

This first sign can say, “If you have the money,” but that’s not really an assurance that things are all right regarding your finances. If you have money but are still paying off debts, owning a home should be out of the question. You need to work this out first and ensure that you are debt-free. If you’re still paying debts every month, this will add up to your expenses and will affect your capability to pay a mortgage. Once you are debt-free, you have more financial freedom, and you’ll have more extra cash for whatever fees and expenses for your home you will need to pay.

2. Your credit rating is beyond good.

If you plan to purchase your house through a home loan, it is important to have a good – or beyond good – credit rating. You won’t be able to get a loan if your credit rating is low. In addition to this, your credit history should be good, too, because it will show a list of your previous loans and the outstanding debts you have if there are any. A good credit history means all loans are paid, and bank accounts are active. A good credit history will give you a good credit rating. As such, you go back to sign number one and make sure that you are credit-free to get a loan.

3. You should be employed and be receiving salary regularly.

It’s not enough that you are employed; you have to be a regular employee receiving salary regularly or have investments. If you work on a contractual basis, the tendency is that there will be times when you won’t have a steady income, and this can hurt your chances of owning a home. So, find a good and steady job first before entertaining ideas of buying a house.

Meet 4 Different Types of Saver

Ever since we were kids, our parents have been encouraging us to save. Some of us took this for granted, while others were wise enough to follow their parents. Now that we are older (and more mature), we know the importance of saving. The beauty of it all, however, is that no matter how old you are, it is never too late to start saving. So even if we did not persevere when we were younger, we could still save money if we start now. The outcome of your decision to do so will depend on the kind of saver that you are. Four types are common nowadays. Find out if you belong to any of these types:

1. The Never Spender

Well, the term never almost describes this type of saver. This saver is the one who would not spend a single dollar if it is possible. Sometimes, The Never Spender will even forego everyday necessities just to make sure that his/her money is intact. This saver spends less…less than he/she should, so much so that sometimes, getting out the wallet to pay for something – even a basic need – can be too painful.

2. The Master Saver

The Master Saver is the most frugal person in the universe. Whenever he/she saves money, The Master Saver is happy. The most important thing for this type of saver is financial independence, which is why he/she enjoys saving money. This is the kind of person who does not put a lot of value on material things and ignores the pressures that society puts on him/her because of this attitude. The most important thing for The Master Saver is saving money, not spending it. If one becomes too obsessed about frugality, though, he/she can turn into a Never Spender.

3. The Recycled Saver

The Recycled Saver is the person who does not throw away anything because he/she believes they can be used again. Someone who keeps plastic food containers so they can be used again; to store food inside the fridge or as a case for trinkets or jewelry. The Recycled Saver saves by recycling even gift wrappers.

4. The Consistent Saver

This is the kind of saver you should aim for. He/She is not in a hurry but makes sure that he/she saves some amount in the bank (or wherever else he/she prefers to) every time payday comes. It does not have to be big chunks of cash; any amount will do as long as it can add up to the savings balance. The money that comes in may be slow, but the savings grow steadily.

Image source: www.moneysmart.gov.au